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How to keep developing your site without the risk of a malfunction

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Many developers, especially those less experienced, do frequent testing on their WordPress sites without having previously made an adequate backup of the portal. That is an action that can do damage to a site, sometimes irreparable. You may be left without all the content, posts, images, and materials you have been collecting for an extended period of time. Also, the database can be completely destroyed. To avoid this scenario, it is best to use some of the ready-made plugins for backup and maintenance of the portal.

WP Reset

 is a plugin that allows you to work on your site safely, and even if an unforeseen error occurs, you can always return the site to a functional state with just a few clicks.

WP Reset is not just a great tool to keep snapshots. Using this tool, you can also delete the content of the site, whether it is a theme, some plugins, or you want to delete the entire database, this plugin will finish the job.

One of the main advantages of this plugin is that you can make a snapshot of the website – a functional image of the website. If any problems occur during development or testing, simply use the snapshot to return the page to a functional state with just a few clicks.


If you install WordPress often and always use the same plugins, you no longer have to install them one by one. With the help of WP Reset plugin, you can create your own collection and install or delete a large number of plugins with just one click.

When testing out code it often happens that we change some important source code or damage some source file, and this results in the appearance of a “white screen.” This should no longer worry you because with the help of this plugin, you can create a secure link that is always functional, and you can normally log in as an administrator and return the website to the operational state. The secure link is related to the WP Reset Emergency Recovery tool, which has nothing to do with the original WordPress files and is always functional.


Most of today’s themes come with “demo data.” This plugin offers the possibility to delete that content with a few clicks and then to fill the page with your materials.


The big advantage of the WP Reset plugin is that it allows you to use Cloud services. You can connect all the snapshots you have made, as well as all the collections of plugins to some of the cloud services, and Dropbox, Google drive and Cloud solutions are currently available. This allows you to keep the materials not on your hosting but in the cloud, where they are always available, and guarantee the functionality of the website.


If you have been in the world of WordPress for a long time, you are likely to administer a number of sites. Parallel administration of multiple websites can take a lot of time. However, WP Reset has a solution. You can administer all your portals at once from just one control panel.


WP Reset is definitely one of the best plugins for maintaining the functionality and health of WordPress sites. It has a vast number of advanced options that will satisfy beginners but also the most demanding administrators. You can buy WP Reset at relatively low prices, and they offer 3 packages, Agency (100 sites, 149 USD), Team (5 sites, 79 USD) and Personal (1 site, 39 USD).