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3 things to look for in your SEO link building packages


To improve your website’s online presence and search engine ranking, you need to look for the SEO link building package that suits you. But this is easier said than done. With numerous companies claiming to offer the best SEO services for link building that you can get in the market, it would be a daunting task to find the right one that meets your needs. However, this doesn’t mean you should choose the first company that catches your attention with its offers of the perfect link building services. Rather, you should carefully weigh your options, compare services and prices, and select the one that has the right mix of expertise and experience. But how do you do this?

Here are three things you should look for in your short-listed SEO link building package:

1.   People in charge should know what they’re doing

Your link building campaign for SEO should not be a hit-and-miss story. Rather, it should have a well-planned strategy in place to meet your needs. For this, the people in charge should know what they’re doing, what works, what doesn’t, and how to get the optimum results within the lowest timeframe.

You could ask a couple of simple questions to understand how your short-listed company works to get backlinks for you before taking a final call. Question them about some of the strategies they implement, whether they are aware of the concept of E-A-T, if they know why user intent is important, etc.

Backlinks can be obtained both through right ways and wrong ways. Buying links, using excessive reciprocal links, or getting links from irrelevant sites would do you more harm than good. For instance, if your website is about vegan recipes and your SEO link building package gets you a backlink from a cycling company, how do you think Google would view it? Not favourably for sure! Even if the website giving you the backlink is an authority site, getting a backlink from it won’t do you any good as your website is nowhere close to offering anything similar or related to cycles. However, if you sell cycling accessories, such a backlink would be extremely beneficial. People handling backlinks to improve your website SEO should know the difference to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Perfect Link Building Services USA

To improve your site’s SEO, you need to focus on the concept of E-A-T, whereby the alphabets stand for Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy respectively. This means your SEO link building package should focus on getting you backlinks from sites that are experts in their domain, wield authority, or are regarded as trustworthy. For instance, getting a backlink from, say Wikipedia, or a news site is extremely difficult. Yet, it’s worth the effort as the link juice you’ll be getting from such authority and reputed sites would far outweigh multiple backlinks received from mediocre or low-quality sites. As searchers these days are quite intelligent and know what dependable information means, E-A-T has become all the more relevant as is user intent.

User intent refers to the reason that drives a searcher to type a query in Google’s search box. Let’s go back to our previous example where your website is about vegan recipes. Imagine a weight-loss site links back to some of your low-carb recipes in its article. Now, a searcher looking to lose weight with a vegan diet could visit the weight loss site and then follow the link to land on your recipe page. Thus, by solving their user intent, the weight loss diet achieves reliability and authority. And since they link back to you, people will regard your recipes as effective and dependable, which would improve your site’s authority and reputation too. This way, such backlinks would do your SEO campaigns a lot of good.  

The same won’t be true if you’re selling cycle accessories and a food company links back to you. Think about user intent and you’ll know why such links would fail to satisfy the searcher’s intent. This makes it important for the Perfect Link Building Services USA to get you relevant backlinks and keep user intent in mind when trying to work on your link building projects. 

2.   Black hat vs. white hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the villain while white hat SEO is the hero. Even though you may get some pretty amazing results with the former, they are often unethical, short-lived, violate search engine guidelines, and make you prone to being penalized. When you choose one of the perfect link building services, you can rest assured of getting white hat SEO for your link building campaigns. However, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance and ask the company questions to understand how they get the backlinks for you.

If you find your SEO link building package is using link farming or blog content spamming to get you the backlinks, you should abandon them immediately. Such tactics focus on duping the search engines and trying to get quick results in terms of improved site engine rank. But since these techniques don’t focus on actual human readers and even violate search engine guidelines, the results are short-lived and could get your site penalised. Thus, it’s always better to make a long-term investment in getting relevant, high-authority links the right way, which is exactly what a reliable SEO Link Building USA package would do for you.

3.   Link quality

The quality of your backlinks depends on the domain’s sitewide authority. As mentioned before, this means a link from a reputed site would have a significantly bigger impact than a link you get from an inconspicuous blogger. When you work with the perfect link building services, the experts on board will check the site’s domain authority to ensure you get the optimum benefits from such links.

The quality of links is also determined by a site’s relevance. Getting a backlink is no longer just about getting a link from a website with high domain authority or a web page with a high page rank. Rather, it’s about how relevant that site or page is with regard to your website. Thus, your chosen SEO link building package should be able to get your links from authority sites, especially the ones that are closely related or relevant to your site.

Link quality is affected by your link’s position on a web page too. This means a link embedded in a piece of quality content is much better than one buried in a web page’s footer. You should remember that backlinks stashed away in a web page’s sidebars or footers are not worth as much as their counterparts positioned right in the middle of a web page’s content. When you short-list SEO link building packages, you should ask what your link position on a page would be. Links buried deep inside resources pages (many websites have 5 to 10-page resources or even more) or placed in sidebars or footers are not worth your money.

A lot of value is given to editorially placed links. These refer to links that someone places in their content to vouch for your site’s usefulness. Unlike links that are obtained by creating profiles on random sites and dropping links, editorially placed links get a lot of weightage. Anchor texts are also critical for your link quality. Keyword-rich anchor texts placed naturally (which means they shouldn’t sound forced or abused) can help your SEO campaigns significantly.

Keep all these factors in mind when choosing an SEO link building package for your business.